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Event Details & Logistics

CARVE THIS INTO YOUR FOREARM, or at least read and understand it to ensure a smooth event and fairness for all attendees. 
TICKETING: 140 Awakening Tickets will be available for purchase online only to adults 21 years of age or older at 12:00PM EST on Sunday, December 31, 2017. Each Awakening Ticket purchase is timestamped and all Ticket Holders will be given a unique identification number based on the time of their purchase. The first Awakening Ticket purchased will be assigned the lowest number. This identification number will be printed on your Drink Card and will determine your placement during the bottle release portion of the event. Awakening Ticket Holders will not know their placement until Check-in at the event. Awakening Tickets are limited to one per person and are non-transferable and non-refundable.
CHECK-IN: Check-in is from 5PM to 6:30PM on Saturday, February 10th. At check-in, Ticket Holders will receive their Lanyard with Drink Card, Snifter Glass and Tote Bag. Check-in is the best time to sign up for one of the two brewery tours happening during this event. Early Check-in will not change your placement, but will help to get the event off to a smooth start. Awakening Ticket Holders must Check-In by 6:30PM with their printed or digital ticket along with matching ID.
THE MAIN EVENT: Ales From The Crypt 2018 is Saturday, February 10th from 6PM to 9PM. At 6PM sharp, the brewery will close to the public and open to Awakening Ticket Holders only and all five Barrel Aged Beer releases will be served on tap. Any Ticket Holder who arrives later than 6:30 PM will forfeit their guaranteed opportunity to purchase bottles. At 6:30PM, we will begin selling bottles in the exact order that online tickets were purchased. After all attendees have been given the opportunity to purchase one bottle of each of the five beers, the process will repeat until no bottles remain. Drink Cards will be punched after each BBA draft serving and after each opportunity to purchase BBA bottles. We will accept credit card and cash payments.