Pre-orders for three barrel aged bombers go LIVE Wednesday Oct. 16 at 10 am. Download the Craft Cellr app or check out the link in our bio – subscribe to updates and never miss out on great beer. ____________________________________________________Our Bourbon Barrel Aged Kumbaya Graham Cracker Porter is a new addition to our barrel aged lineup this year. Light a fire within with this dry graham cracker porter which glows slightly red in the light. Smooth caramel malt aromas are complimented by the oaken vanilla notes from its bourbon barrel slumber to create as much unity and harmony as the name suggests. ____________________________________________________Next up, we rested our Ash & Elm collaboration – Eastsider Apple Ale – in a Santa Rosa, CA Cabernet Sauvignon barrel, and now it has entered its golden hour – transformed with complex tannic notes from the wine and oak and boasting a slightly tart finish worth savoring until all the light is gone from your glass. ____________________________________________________Last but not least, our beloved Haymaker Bourbon Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout returns with all it’s full-bodied, rich, sumptuous glory. Chocolatey coffee notes are perfectly suited to the flavors imparted in the barrel aging. There’s a reason this one brings loyal fans out year after year. ____________________________________________________All three of these beers will be available for pickup starting Fri. Oct. 25 at 6 pm. …#indianacity #indianacitybrewing #indianacitybeer #lovegreatbeer #eastsider @ashandelmcider @drinkindiana @do317 #indianaontap #craftcellr @craftcellr #craftbeer #barrelagedbeer #bba

Pre-Orders LIVE NOW on our upcoming double can release of: Scary Stuffed Animals DDH Hazy IPA and Medusa's Gaze Indiana Black Ale. Download the Craft Cellr app or go to for these and more upcoming offers. ——————————————Pre-sales end Saturday, October 19 at 11 am ahead of the taproom release at noon sharp. Those who pre-order through Craft Cellr must pick up their beer by the time we open on Saturday, Nov. 2, but that still gives a couple weeks to pick up your limited releases when it's convenient with no worries you'll miss out. ——————————————-Our newest Indy Artist Series release is Medusa's Gaze Indiana Black Ale – brewed in the same style as our DDH Hazy IPAs, but accented with midnight wheat for some added roasted malt aromas and dark color to complement the intense hop aromas from the Zythos, Amarillo, Bravo, and Calypso whirlpool and dry hop charges. This is one memorable beer made even more so by the label art and design courtesy of Indy Artist James Dies (@silverlimit ). TOTAL CASES AVAILABLE: 20——————————————Our Craft Brew Doodle Crew series continues with Scary Stuffed Animals DDH Hazy IPA. Our 18th release in this series features nearly 200 lbs of whirlpool and dry hop additions of Meridian, Amarillo and Sultana hops alongside another amazing Doodle Crew label, this time colored by Mallory Hodgkin (@stablercake). TOTAL CASES AVAILABLE: 30…#craftbrewdoodlecrew @craftbrewdoodlecrew @drinkindiana #indianacitybrewing #indianacity #indianacitybeer #hazyipa #hazecraze #labelart #beerlabel #beerart #craftbeer #beerme

It’s Friday, so don’t forget to stop in for $5 growler fills of our classic Tribute plus Super Dry Calypso today before 10. ——————————————————————-Also – while you’re here, check out the amazing mural work by @invisible_hometown – long time member of @fabcrewart -@craftbrewdoodlecrew member and featured illustrator for our Indy Artist Series release – One Giant Leap. The colors really pop on this gray day and it’s just really worth a long stare to appreciate all the detail and dimension. We love connecting with great local artists…#indianacity #indianacitybeer #indianacitybrewing #lovegreatbeer #indyartist #mural #muralart #streetart #publicart #indianapolis @drinkindy @do317 #do317

Good news for hungry beer lovers, aka everyone. Grub Hub now offers a code for FREE delivery for all orders over $10. Keep your eyes peeled for posters and info and ask your friendly taproom server about this new opportunity. Also, when you place your order – go ahead and order a light-bodied, crisp and bubbly Super Dry Calypso – the most food friendly beer there is….#indianacity #indianacitybeer #indianacitybrewing #lovegreatbeer #grubhub

Indiana City Brewing Presents: Nightmare on Shelby Street. Mark your calendars for Friday October 25. We’ll be dropping 666 bottles of barrel aged beers beginning at 6 sharp. Bring a costume and your appetite – Union Jack’s Food Truck will be on site all night, plus we’ll have our Splash of Halloween Drag Show at 8 presented by the #houseofstoner. —————————————————Barrel Aged Beer Releases: – Haymaker BBA Oatmeal Stout – Cabernet Barrel Aged Eastsider Apple Ale (our recent collab with @ashandelmcider) – BBA Kumbaya Graham Cracker Porter – **limited draft only**Ghost Stories: a Blend of our Kumbaya and Chupacabra (our collab with @18thstreetbrewery) Aged In @18thstreetdistillery whiskey barrels …#indianacity #indianacitybeer #indianacitybrewing #lovegreatbeer #barrelagedbeer #bba #do317 @do317 @drinkindiana #drinkindy #indianapolis #indycraftbeer

Scenes from the crypt… We’ve got some exciting offerings breaking free from their slumber in the coming months. Stay tuned for upcoming bottle release news. What is your favorite Indiana City barrel-aged beer?…#indianacity #indianacitybeer #indianacitybrewing #lovegreatbeer #barrelagedbeer #barrelaged #bba

It’s a beautiful, sunny Turntable Tuesday at Indiana City with $4 pints of our Tribute Pale Ale. Come in and enjoy the fresh air, friendly faces and great tunes… and bring your own records today and every Tuesday so you can take a spin at playing DJ. .Note: Creative coasters at work. No records were harmed in the creation of this Instagram post. …#indianacity #indianacitybeer #indianacitybrewing #lovegreatbeer @drinkindiana #indianapolis #do317 @do317

For those who have peered into our brew house – things have moved around, and the space is looking a lot different these days… and for good reason. New canning line , new keg washer , new 20 BBL fermenter , new glycol chiller … All great improvements for our brewing efficiency and capacity – all so we bring you MORE beer. Cheers to our brewers for working so darn hard all the time, to all our loyal patrons who keep supporting us and sharing our love of great beer, and especially to all the extra hands who have made these improvements and installations go as smoothly as possible. …#indianacity #indianacitybeer #indianacitybrewing #lovegreatbeer #brewerylife #behindthebeer @drinkindiana #brewerslife #breweryimprovments #movingonup

Salute the best haze in Indy – we’ve got 5 on tap right now – each with their own unique flavor profile to satisfy your taste for juicy hops, and it’s Monday – so that means they’re all just $4 a pint! ..#indianacity #indianacitybeer #indianacitybrewing #lovegreatbeer #do317 @do317 #drinkindianabeer #drinkindy #beerme #hazecraze #ddhipa #ddhapa #juicyipa #juicyipas #beerphogography #indybeer

Death by Pumpkin has been pouring in the taproom for just about 3 hours and we’re already breaking into our last few cases of bombers. Make sure you make it in to give this special beer a try and take some home while you still can! …#indianacity #indianacitybeer #indianacitybrewing #lovegreatbeer #pumpkinale #pumpkinbeer #pumpkinspice