Slow Gold is back and it's oh so delicious! The taproom opens at 2:00 today. Slow Gold is a golden wheat ale brewed with orange peels and dry hopped during fermentation for a fresh hoppy aroma. It’s crisp and clean with plenty of character to please the senses.

Roulette, Russian Imperial Stout • Bottle Release Friday 1/30 at 5PM from our taproom • English translation: "Good Times are Good Times, But a Hangover is Rough" 10% ABV 86 IBU

Hand Screen Printed Beast of Laureys Posters. Numbered & Signed by the artist @ronlewhorn available at the taproom & from our online store for $15+tax.

Beast of Laureys Belgian String Ale is on tap & in bottles now. The beer and hand screen printed posters of this beer's artwork are available now at the brewery.

We're brewing Red Collar Imperial Amber Ale today!

Great beer starts with great water. We start off the brew day with pure H2O via our reverse osmosis water system then we dial in the mineral content specific to the beer we're brewing.

Here's your 'Colts kill the Pats' shirt for the game this Sunday. By Local tshirt shop The Art Press @vdgn will be available very soon tonight on

We trucked Sixtels of Beast of Laureys out to some of your favorite bars in Indy today. Releases at the brewery Friday at 2pm.