So much to do this #FirstFriday—take time to take in some beautiful and introspective tunes.Warm up with #CoreCans and melt into winter. Tonight at 8pm @joyfulnoiserecs

Congratulations @rebelpics! Wallow in your victory. And we're throwing in an ICB trucker cap on your next visit!Cheers and thanks for playing along!Happy #FirstFriday!・・・Thanks @indianacitybeer !!!! And the mastermind @mynameisapril828 for figuring out the first clue !! #firstfriday #beer

Each #FirstFriday we hide a $30 gift card here in the city. Keep reading for the clue to today's location! "Thinking, drinking, and so much more. Here is where I never bore. Reflect and learn what you need today. Save time to work. Take time to play. You need but follow the old north star to find tiny creatures inside a jar." Tag us in a picture to end the hunt! Finders keepers!

Brrrrrrrr, Indy high today: 43°Bottle release, 2pm.Don't miss this warming beer brewed with English Marris Otter along with rich specialty malts to add sweet complexity and molasses aroma. The finished beer is then spiced with freshly cracked allspice and whole cinnamon sticks for a hint of holiday cheer.22 oz. Bomber: $14 + tax 480 Bottles. No Limit.No Case Discount.

Celebrate Prohibition's Repeal with us this Saturday at 7pm!#TBT ~ After years of fighting the waxing temperance movement, The Home Brewing Company watched their blood, sweat and hops be washed away by the rising tide of Prohibition in June 1922. 91 years later, Indiana City Brewing Company, reanimated the location’s heart and soul—craft brewing. "The day will again dawn upon Indiana, when a man can drink what he wants, when personal liberty will be again a citizen’s right."The Home Brewing Co. , 1917

What happens when you mix candy canes with Shadow Boxer? Join us Dec. 4 for #FirstFirkinFriday to enjoy this minty and merry beer!Tapping at 5pm.

Burlesque, bootleggers and beer—not your typical Saturday night. Celebrate like it's 1933 and the 21st amendment has just been ratified!Don't miss the beauties of The Rocket Doll Revue and the vinyl spinning of DJ Stroble.Sat//Dec 5//FreePrizes for the best flapper and bootlegger outfits!

Don't forget to #shopsmall today. Free Pat's Philly Pretzels until they run out. Step up for your neighborhood and support our other local partners @milesquarecoffeeroastery and @hartshandmade.#smallbizsat

The proud owners of the last #murderbypumpkin bomber! Via @BreweryTourIndy #Bourbonbarrelbeer #lovegreatbeer

#MurderByPumpkin RELEASED TODAY at these fine retailers. GO GET YOURS! Even more bottles + draft at the brewery at 2pm. #beerrelease #blackfriday #indy