Thanks!・・・@indianacitybeer 3rd stop on our brewery bus tour and found some awesome beer and another Rachael! Thanks Rosie the driver! #indianapolisBreweryTours

"GOOD TIMES ARE GOOD TIMES, BUT A HANGOVER IS ROUGH."Roulette releases today at 2PM.Prove how lucky of a shot you really are.Russian Imperial Stout10% ABV • 86 IBU22 oz. Bombers $14 • Snifter $6Roulette is a jet black, velvety smooth beer with complex malt flavor, rich roasted aroma and a warming finish.

Debut canning of Dock 7 this morning!

"In his 36 years as a taxi driver, Raimundo has survived 28 assaults, seven carjacking attempts, one stabbing, an overturned vehicle and five surgeries. He’s driven up to 10 people at once, talked a person out of committing suicide in his car on two separate occasions, and has broken his personal record of driving 36 hours straight. That feat earned him 2,000 pesos, which is roughly $110." Don't miss this showing of On Duty Taxi tonight.FreeAll ages6:30 pmIndiana City Taproom

Don't miss Bloomington 8-piece !mindparade this #FirstFriday. The #CoreCans will be waiting for you.

Tasting event this Friday at Parti-Pak North! Make sure to snag your Roulette and Citizen's Right bottles.

Check us out in the Business section of today's @indystar with @icanbeer @sunkingbrewing & @daredevilbeer Article by @JamesEBriggs #corecans #lovegeatbeer

For all your things. #IndyWinterfest 2k16

It's so on. #IndyWinterfest

Pouring 16 beers today at #IndyWinterfest