The awakening has commenced and is soon to be upon us. This Saturday the beer geeks and barrel hounds will swarm in hoards for a taste of the crypt nectar. ..Crushin' Roulette, BBA Russian Imperial Stout needs little introduction to the Indy craft aficianado but if you will be in attendance for your first time this weekend we look forward to sharing with you our highest touted release…Udder Annihilation, BBA Double Milk Stout is so nice we dip it twice. The waxing party starts tomorrow and you already know this one praises the pastry gods. ..Crimson Bombshell, BBA Imperial Amber Ale has been a loyal fan favorite since our early days and we can’t deny releasing her malty exquisiteness from time to time…BBA Beast, Strong Dark Belgian Ale is so damn delicious we can’t believe it took us this long to meld our belgiany goodness with woody bourbon. This beer is a treat from start to finish…Le Haymaker, Cognac Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout is the young up and comer of the motley crüe. Our beloved Shadow Boxer has won the hearts of stout fans across Indiana and this entire country. We wanted to give #AFTC18 patrons something truly special that may never return again. This oaky well-rounded oatmeal stout is somewhat of a delicacy and should be appreciated for it’s homage to barrel experimentation and the beautiful union of spirit-aged wood and beer….Tickets are still available and we cannot wait to share this epic day with all of you beautiful people! Link in bio, you must go now..#aftc #aftc2018 #aftc18 #alesfromthecrypt #indianacity #indianacitybrewing #crushinroulette #udderannihilation #lehaymaker #bbabeast #crimsonbombshell #craftbeer #beerporn #beertography #craftbeerlife #beerstagram #beernerd #beergeek #whalezbro #bottleshare #keepindyindie