The overwhelming support from our fans, new and old, was apparent from the release of #CrushinRoulette this past Saturday. We hope you had as good of a time drinking it as we did brewing it. #lovegreatbeerRead @drinkingcraft's review below. ・・・You know when you find a beer that's so great that you want to tell everyone about it…then you think, if I tell them then they will know and then there will be none left for me. This is the dilemma I currently face. This fine dark woody beast is the Crushin' Roulette Bourbon Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout from @indianacitybeer. This ridiculous libation spent a year in this very @fourrosesbourbon barrel and will have its debut release on Saturday. The nose immediately reminds me of BCBS. As far as big, aged beers go this is incredibly well-balanced and has every aspect I love about top-tier stouts. That rich, jammy, chocolate heat comes through with a force. If you are registered for the release then I will see you there! This sumbitch is the real deal my friends. Cheers!