48 HOURS ONLY! .Now through Saturday at noon, reserve two of our upcoming limited releases debuting on January 4 and pick them up anytime before Sunday January 19. Just head to IndianaCity.CraftCellr.com (link in our bio) or the @craftcellr app for iPhone users (Android app is coming later this year). ..Vanilla Haymaker (wax-dipped bombers & draft) – Debut Release of this delightful variant to our beloved Haymaker BBA Oatmeal Stout – our brewers coaxed this beer gently from its slumber by adding Madagascar vanilla beans to infuse this big stout with a delicious boost to the natural oaken vanilla notes from the barrel. – 8.5% ABV.Sweet Science Double Milk Stout – (2-ok 16 oz cans & draft) formerly Double Uddercut. Be sure to grab a 2-pack festhing the amazing new design from @ronlewhorn, who managed to take one of our most loved beers and elevate it into pure genius. The name and art pay homage to another facet of our building’s history – a former boxing gym. Boxing is known as the “Sweet Science,” for boxers’ true balance of finesse and toughness- a similar juxtaposition to brewing itself, which blends precision recipes with pure alchemy. – 10% ABV …#indianacity #indianacitybeer #indianacitybrewing #lovegreatbeer #bba #bourbonbarrelagedbeer #oatmealstout #barrelagedstout #doublemilkstout #milkstout #doubleuddercut #sweetscience #boxinghistory