As we are gearing up for our favorite event of the year, AFTC 18, we thought we would give you some tasting notes from the brewers on these masterpieces that have been tucked away this past year..New Arrivals:Le Haymaker (Cognac BA Oatmeal Stout)- strong presence of oak and rounded malt profile. Truly unique flavor profile unlike anything we have released. 7% abv (base beer).BOURBON BA BEAST (1 year aged Belgian Dark Strong) – possibly the dark horse on the year. This tastes like bourbon candy with rich sugar cookie and vanilla flavors with a hint of cherry on the finish. 9.8% abv (base beer).Classics:Crimson Bombshell (BBA Imperial Red IPA) – a velvety bourbon aroma with a hop profile to round out the body. The barrel character adds an entirely unique aspect to the IPA spectrum. 8.5% abv (base beer).Udder Annihilation (BBA Double Milk Stout) – Huge boozy nose with jam, fig, tobacco, and oak on the body with a finish of sweet, roasty dark chocolate. 10% abv (base beer).Crushin’ Roulette (BBA Russian Imperial Stout) – straight heat with maple and molasses on the body. You already know. 10% abv (base beer)..Only 140 tix available to this private event. If you are on the fence, it’s time to pull the trigger. Just sayin. Link in bio…Feb 1Ø, 2Ø18..#aftc #aftc18 #aftc2018 #alesfromthecrypt #crushinroulette #udderannihilation #lehaymaker #crimsonbombshell #bbabeast #indianacity #indianacitybrewing #indianacity #craftbeer #whalezbro #bottlerelease