Aside from the truly hard work of mashing in thousands of pounds of grain and adding nearly 200 lbs of artfully blended hops that make our Doodle Crew Series amazing… this month we’re unveiling something pretty unique for our Gojira Siren Clash DDH IPA releasing Saturday Sept 14 at noon – coloring book can labels! You can ONLY find them in the taproom, and they’re very limited. Each of the select 4-packs in the 20 cases available have 2 original metallic labels and 2 of these matte uncoated paper labels. Use crayons, colored pencils, markers, watercolor pencils – just make your own amazing creation… then don’t forget to share your label with us and the @craftbrewdoodlecrew using the hashtag #cbdccolors for a chance to win some awesome stuff. So much love goes into this series of beers, and all of us at Indiana City and in the Doodle Crew hope you have an immense amount of fun doing your OWN dope shit! Gojira Siren Clash debuts at noon sharp on 9/14. These cans will go fast! Cheers, Indy!…Endless thanks to our amazing team of artists – the @craftbrewdoodlecrew – and to @ronlewhorn – the creative mastermind who dreams up amazing ideas and works his ass off to make them happen. …#indianacity #indianacitybeer #indianacitybrewing #lovegreatbeer #craftbrewdoodlecrew #coloringbookcan #brewery #canart #labelart #indyartists #indyartist #indianapolis #craftbeer #beerphotography #beerme #beerrelease