For those who have been in our brewery taproom at 24 Shelby, you know those bricks have seen their fair share of stories. —————————————————————Indiana City owner Ray Kamstra had no idea when he asked about the abandoned building that would house his brewery just what history laid beyond the boarded up windows. Imagine the feeling of finding out that building was the Bottling House for one of Indiana’s first breweries, which brewed hundreds of barrels of German lagers for the neighboring community before prohibition. ————————————————————-As we get ready to celebrate our own 6 year anniversary on May 25, it’s always nice to remember the hard work our walls have seen, in a time when brewing beer was far different from the cutting-edge creative world craft beer is today. …#lovegreatbeer #indianacitybrewing #homebrewingco #historicindiana #indianalandmarks #preprohibition #irishhill