If these bricks could talk. Indiana City brought beer back into this historic building at 24 Shelby for the first time in 100 years, since the founders of the Home Brewing Co. – one of Indiana’s oldest breweries – was forced to close during Prohibition. ..“The day will dawn again upon Indiana, when a man can drink what he wants when a personal liberty will be again a citizen’s right.” -Home Brewing Co., Dec. 1917..Citizen’s Right American-Style Barleywine is in keeping with the Indiana City style of aggressive dry hopping. Pairing the clean bitterness from the Galena hops with the zesty citrus punch from Moteuka dry hopping, this barleywine has as much hop character as your favorite triple IPA (with an 11% ABV to match) but pairs with the bold hop punch a rich caramel malt character that adds depth and body – something for a hop head to really chew on. This recipe is one of our Battle Tested favorites – brewed since the first days of Indiana City. ..We’ve always released this as a 22 oz bomber, but this year we’re releasing it in a 2-pack of 16 oz cans, but supplies are VERY limited. We still have a small allotment of pre-sales available on @craftcellr for those who want to pick up closer to Christmas or send a proxy pick-up. The remaining allotment will release on Saturday 12/14 at noon followed by our Prohibition Repeal Party from 6-10. It’s going to be an amazing time with this amazing beer to christen the event and summon back the voices in these bricks. Anyone who has worked here longer than a year will attest – this time of year is known to bring back some spirits tis time of year. Come celebrate your Citizen’s Right with us tomorrow. Cheers! …#indianacity #indianacitybrewing #indianacitybeer #lovegreatbeer #barleywine #americanbarleywine #motuekahops #galenahops #hophead #prohibitionrepeal @drinkindiana