In chemical experiments, catalysts are substances that speed up reactions, yet remain unchanged in the process. Much the same, West Coast IPAs and their bold assertive hop flavor and bitterness drew a great many to the world that is craft beer. They’re a big reason why hop acreage in the US has doubled even since Indiana City opened it’s doors, and still through all the trends – however hazy and adjunct-filled – the West Coast IPA remains. Unchanged. Those that seek novelty might even be refreshed to find something so true to form – so clean and yet so full-flavored, because when something is so right like a good classic West Coast IPA, you can’t go wrong. …Catalyst IPA is on tap now – brewed and dry-hopped with an abundance of Falconer’s Flight, Summit, Cascade and Apollo hops for a classic piney, resinous hop flavor and aroma and flavor that keeps summoning you back. Enjoy the beautiful lacing as you sip away. …#indianacity #indianacitybeer #indianacitybrewing #lovegreatbeer #westcoastIPA #westie #classicIPA #AmericanIPA #hophead #beerphotography @drinkindiana