It’s a sweet science when you can take literal tons of raw ingredients and transform them into great beer. …The sport of boxing has gone by many names, but it was journalist Pierce Egan who first called it a “sweet science” due to the balance of finesse and toughness exhibited by prize-winning pugilists. Our building inspires so much of what we do. More than a pre-prohibition brewery, 24 Shelby once held a boxing gym, which is where so many of our beers get their names. We love that this name seems to play off both the alchemy of brewing and old-school boxing heritage our building shares. …We’re proud to show you this stunning redesign that our talented artist @ronlewhorn has come up with for Sweet Science Double Milk Stout, which has taken the place of our acclaimed Double Undercut. We absolutely love this new label art and hope you do, too. We can assure you the rich milk stout within is as big and bold as ever – and this year we’re releasing this beer in 2-pack cans as part of our 4-beer release day on January 4. We’ll have a cozy lunch pop-up located inside our taproom courtesy of Union Jack Pub, so bring the fam and enjoy the first big beer release of the new year. …#indianacity #indianacitybrewing #indianacitybeer #lovegreatbeer #labelart #beerlabel #craftbeercan #boxing #doublemilkstout #sweetscience #doubleuddercut #imperialmilkstout #highABVbeer #darkbeerlover #craftbeer #beerme