The @craftbrewdoodlecrew showed off with some live painting at the Monster Family Tree DDH Hazy IPA can release party – including Andrew Young @campfirecomics who colored in the most recent label. This leaves us simultaneously wondering how much more bad ass could this group of local artists could get really be and ever so grateful to be able to work with them on these series of beers. ——————————————————————-Be sure to check out our forthcoming Indy Artist Series launching Saturday June 29 with Longest Days Haze – a DDH Hazy IPA featuring enigma hops and an 8.5% ABV. These labels will feature solo works from Indy’s best artists (first up is Lauren Smith @1ofmanylaurens) and adorn cans filled with the best beers available in Indy. Only catch, you’ll have to grab the Indy Artist Series in the taproom and there are only 40 cases available – so mark those calendars! Cheers