The holidays are upon us, so we welcome you to stock up on our Cratchit’s Winter Olde Ale and Ghost of Marley (BBA Cratchit’s) – both debuting in our taproom tomorrow 11/23. ..Cratchit’s is a big malt-forward, warming Winter Olde Ale infused with allspice and freshly ground cinnamon for a bit of holiday spirit. Ghost of Marley is 2018’s Cratchit’s aged for 1 yr in a Kentucky bourbon barrel and offers up intoxicating bourbon aromas and oaken vanilla notes to compliment the spice of the Cratchit’s…With all the intention this beer was first brewed – as a 5-gallon home-brewed batch for close family and friends – we hope you enjoy continuing our tradition and making it part of yours. Cheers! ..#indianacity #indianacitybrewing #indianacitybeer #lovegreatbeer #winteroldeale #oldeale #holidaybeer #cratchits #bba #bourbonbarrelaged