Today is the first day of a new year, full of promise and anticipation… much like this hallway of oh so many empty kegs waiting to be filled with great beer. ..As a proudly self-distributing brewery, once filled, many will make their way all over central Indiana thanks to our small yet mighty sales and delivery team. But whether near, far, or in our own taproom… they’ll be emptied again, pint by pint – making days better and people happier…As the Bottling House has become a sought-after destination for weddings and private events, the beer that fills these kegs will contribute to scores of toasts and celebratory well-wishes in the coming year, and once one of our trusty servers goes to pull a tap and gets a burst of air and foam, the empty keg will then make its way back to the brew house to be cleaned and once again find its way into this hallway to await more freshly brewed beer. ..This is the cycle of our cooperage – the symbol of everything we all work for at Indiana City. From the work, thought and care that goes into making our beer to the promise that the process will keep repeating itself as steady as time… Thank you all for keeping us so busy doing what we love, and may we all love even more great beer in 2020. Cheers! …#indianacity #indianacitybrewing #indianacitybeer #lovegreatbeer #cooperage #brewerylife @drinkindiana #indianabeer #indianapolis #instabeer #beerphotography